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Pressure and Stretching

The meditation and Yoga also play significant part in effectiveness of massage. Thai Massage emphasizes the pressure techniques, compression and stretching, and it is also applied by feet, knees, elbows and the masseur's forearms intensely during the treatment

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I had my second session and was keen to know how a 90 minute session would work. Clearly it'd be nothing like a dreaded 90 minute yoga class.

There are no oils and it's a fully clothed massage genre. I had previously experienced certain frustration with Shiatsu not quite hitting the spot, but there's no problem with Thai Yoga massage getting to the point. I believe that Milan may have used his feet at some point during the session and this was interestingly a soft move. The 90 minutes is vital to me and I'd only ever have that length of session. It allowed for plentiful moves and is extending my gradual understanding of this relaxing and stretching session. I hope to continue to learn and understand more of what Milan is doing as it works very well. I have been tired after each session. Milan is a discrete and respectful visitor to the home. I have only had 2 sessions so far and intend to continue with many more. I highly recommend this spiritual man who doesn't preach but emits good vibes.

Suzie G | Soho, London | July 2013

When I came for the treatment I was feeling very tired and my whole body was achy. In the presence of Maha Milan I was able to relax straight away and felt comfortable. I asked for a light and healing Thai massage and the treatment he gave me was just perfect! he seemed to work every part of my body that was tense from feet to head. At the end of the treatment I felt very different, more free and calm. Maha Milan is very skillful and experienced, but he is also very intuitive so he feels what is right for the client. I think he has a strong healing energy too, as for the rest of the day and after I felt so much more balanced and my body free of pain. I would recommend Maha Milan anytime!

Marianne S. | London | August 2012

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7 Customer Reviews

90 minutes Thai Yoga Massage

(7am - 7pm) 90 minutes for Thai Yoga Massage is good time to do complete sequence, front, side, back and sitting, cover major sen lines and few stretches. Sure to leave you with a smile. £90.
It is done on bed or futon.


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