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Thai Yoga Massage combines the wisdom of Yoga from India and Acupressure from China. It is a style of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Recently came up the term Thai Yoga Massage just to differentiate from the mainstream Bangkok Thai Massage, or Wat Pho style. Our work is influenced by the Sunshine and ITM schools. We work from the massage shops in Selfridges, Fitzrovia and Soho in central London, and Harrow in west London. Also we are available for the home visits within M25.

This body work is excellent for the whole body. The general sequence starts from the feet, follows the legs to buttocks and hips, abdomen, lower back, chest and neck, shoulders, arms ands hands. Head and the face are the last. Front, side and from the back, body is approached from all sides. Client is dressed lightly in comfortable clothes. Palm and thumb pressure and stretches are the main ways of treatment. Amount of pressure is negotiated to best suit the client, from soft to medium or hard.

In seeking relief, people go to a healer fully loaded with sick energy and sick emotions. They expect to be able to unload all their sickness onto the healer, negating the responsibility for their own healing. Those who come to see me may be uncomfortable with their spirits and bodies. My intention is to help them become serene and peaceful within themselves. We give them our love, attention, compassion and care as also teach them about their bodies and energetic systems, and how to get back on their feet through their own efforts.

The most important healing comes from within himself. Fingers and hands can become healing only when we are full of good intentions. I connect myself with forces of the universe and become a channel for these forces. My hands are applied with tenderness of mother touching her child. Once the center of the body at the navel is freed and body detoxified, healing can be completed by your own discipline. Loving touch has enormous power to heal.

If you want to stay healthy, you need to learn how to treat both the spirit and the matter of the body, as they are one.

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