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Thai Chair Massage

Thai Chair Massage

   The Thai Yoga Massage therapist takes the chair to the place where the client is, for instance at work office or an event.
Indications for Thai Chair Massage

   Onsite Thai Chair Massage is indicated for those who seek fast treatment and aditional yoga stretches mainly for people that have no time to go to gym or yoga classes.
Thai Yoga Massage on Chair

   Professional in Thai Yoga Massage now introduces this knowledge and stretchings on massage chair. Office Thai Chair Massage and stretching increase the blood circulation in the muscles and as consequence this warming up reduces the risk of muscular tensions considerably, mainly in cold weather.
Increase of Productivity
   Companies that offer to their employees sessions of Onsite Corporate Thai Chair Massage periodically increase the concentration and the employees productivity, creativity, decision, developement of abilities, communication and positive attitude.
Pain Relief
   With the correct application of the tecnique of Seated Thai Massage, the client will feel instant relief of pains, physical and mental fatigue, stress, muscular discomfort, headache and improvement in blood circulation.
Groups, Companies, Offices, Hotels, Events and Parties:


15 minutes, £ 20
30 minutes, £ 40
45 minutes, £ 60
1 hr, £ 80
2 hrs, £ 140
3 hrs, £ 210
4 hrs, £ 270
5 hrs, £ 330
6 hrs, £ 390
Values are per one therapist with chair.
Prices include VAT. Travel to London zone 1 and 2 is free of charge.

  Onsite Thai Chair Masasage in costumers and employers accomplishes
fast progress in 30 minutes: it reactivates energy lost day by day.

Relax at Office

 A session of OnSite Thai Chair Massage also help people that work at office to relax and face the rest of the day with disposition.


Quality of Life

   Mobile therapists will come to your office.
London Onsite Thai Chair Massage has duration of 30 or 15 minutes.
Enter in contact to discuss how can we increase your life quality at work.

Benefits  of London Seated Thai Masasage:

  • increase of productivity
  • increase of self-esteem
  • reduction of diseases related to tension
  • reduction of costs of company withworker's medical license
  • reduction of employees lacks
  • improvement of company image that worries about the condition of their employees
  • minimum investment with masseur's recruiting and payment for combined time.
Promotion Events
   Applied in promotion events for customers, the Seated Thai Massage increases customer's satisfaction and the sales.
Well Being
   The employer mental and physical well being reduces their concern and it elevates the moral.
Companies Customers of Onsite Thai Chair Masasage:
    Nestle, Coca Cola, AGF, Johnson&Johnson, IBM, Adidas, Citi Bank, L'Oreal, Givaudan, Odebrecht, TNT, Libbs, Avon, IVECO, Santander, Abbott, Pfitzer, Mitsubishi, Siemens, HSBC, MasterCard, Lexmark, Walk in Backrub, City University of London, Therapy at Work, CBS, SEB, Forward 3D, Xchanging, OVO, Diesel, Kingston, Spotify, Wharf Studios

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products

In 30 minutes you will receive complete back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, head massage. All acupressure points are covered. This price is for onsite massages of at least 2 treatments, or 1 hour in total. There are a few optional stretches on request.

In 15 minutes you will receive more specific short treatment, back, shoulders and neck massage. Acupressure points along the spine are covered. This price is for onsite massages of at least 4 treatments, or 1 hour in total.