Thai Yoga Massage

   Thai Yoga Massage is a practice originating from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It is performed on the futon on the floor to enable more comfort and room for easier turning around and stretches. Originally the treatment performed in Thailand lasts 2 hours, but in the west it simplifies to 90 minutes, or more common to 1 hour.

   Fully clothed healing art combines Yoga, Acupressure, Meditation, Stretching and Reflexology. It benefits overall health and well-being, recharging your body with life force.

   For your appointment please bring some comfortable loose clothes to wear, otherwise we have some here as well.
   It is better to avoid heavy meal before the session, but please do not arrive on empty stomach neither.

   The amount of pressure applied is negotiable and to suit your needs. If not feeling comfortable, please do let us know if you'd like more or less. 


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1 Hour Thai Yoga Massage1 Hour Thai Yoga Massage
(9am - 9pm) 1 Hour Thai Yoga Massage is good time for a quick sequence of front and back of the body and few stretches. It will make your day.
90 minutes Thai Yoga Massage90 minutes Thai Yoga Massage
(11am - 7pm) 90 minutes for Thai Yoga Massage is good time to do complete sequence, front, side, back and sitting, cover major sen lines and few stretches. Sure to leave you with a smile.
2 Hours Thai Yoga Massage2 Hours Thai Yoga Massage
(11am - 7pm) 2 Hours Thai Yoga Massage is enaugh time to do complete sequence, front, side, back and sitting. This includes work on sen lines and stretches according to your needs. No rush and you will turn blissful guaranteed.

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