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Milan Maha is an artist and Yoga teacher, every massage is a work of art done to perfection. He's in tune with some powerful universal energies - and he gives it his all. Probably the best in the world.


Together with Yoga studies and meditation, Milan's work joins Ayurvedic, Thai and Lomilomi massage. Milan was trained in Thai Yoga Massage in Brazil and in Sunshine/UK, and completed his Teacher Training in ITM school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He has also studied with Ajarn Sinchai, famous blind therapist and Pichest, learning Buddhist prayers and meditation before the massage. He now teaches Thai Massage Course level 1&2, along Integral Yoga Hatha level 2 classes. When free there is time for Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and meditation. Milan's meditation massage is simply amazing, recharging your body with life force.




Fit & Healthy

Body Work requires besides a good technical basis, Good and Healthy Body and in
good condition. Milan practices Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. Also taking care of his health by Raw Vegan low fat food, based exclusively on fresh fruit and vegetables. Maha does not smoke nor uses any intoxicants like drugs, alcohol, tea or coffee. He is also dedicated yogi. In spare time he create Spiritual Art for Meditation, Yoga and Therapies. Milan speaks four languages and is dedicated Spiritually, Mentally and Physically and capable to maintain positive life-force energy(prana) and awake a Superior Consciousness and quickly bring forth more energy and efficiently revitalize an individual. See you on his Thai Massage or Hatha Yoga class!